How to Move to Serbia?

Why are people moving to Serbia?

Serbia is a small country in Eastern Europe, bordered by Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania and Kosovo.

The capital of Serbia is Belgrade, located in the center of the country. Belgrade is known for its beautiful architecture and cultural heritage.

There are many reasons why people move to Serbia. Some people move here because of work, others come here for family, some just come here for adventure.

Whatever reason you may be coming to Serbia, there are plenty of things to do and places to visit.

Here are some of the main reasons why people move to this great country:

1. Cheaper Than Other European Capitals

2. Quality Internet And Good Food

3. Beautiful Architecture And Cultural Heritage

4. Friendly People And Low Crime Rate

5. Affordable Housing

6. Easy Access To Nature

7. Great Weather

8. Cheap Alcohol and Extensive Nightlife

Is Serbia a good country to move to?

The Serbian language is similar to other Balkan countries like Croatian and Slovenian languages, which makes moving there relatively simple for such citizens, but a little bit different for other foreigners.

Apart from the language barrier, the average salary is lower than in most European nations, so you may need to work harder to support yourself. This, if you will be working in an office or restaurant, can be quite difficult as it’s not easy to find jobs that pay well. But on the other hand, the cost of living is way cheaper when compared to other European capitals.

Also, the quality of life is high, crime rates are low, and the weather is great, specially in Summer.

Overall,  Serbia is a beautiful country known for its rich culture, friendly people, and great food. But did you know that Serbia is also considered one of the safest countries in Europe? And it’s not just because of the government’s strict laws. Serbia is also a popular destination for expats looking for a place to retire, something more and more popular these days through citizenship by investment programs, from Turkey to Portugal

Is Serbia easy to move to?

It’s challenging to move to Serbia, specially if not to Belgrade. The most obvious challenge is that the infrastructure is still laying behind in some locations. There aren’t that many good roads throughout the country side and the public transportation system isn’t very developed yet. However, with time, these problems are getting solved and more and more people will start moving to Serbia.

Another challenge is that Serbians don’t speak yet much english, apart from younger generations. When communicating with them, you need to learn at least some words. Always handy and useful to know!

Finally, there are cultural differences. While other European citizens might tend to be polite and respectful, Serbians are often a bit more blunt and direct.

Despite these challenges, many that are moving to Serbia found that life is surprisingly enjoyable. And, once you get to learn the language you will quickly adapt to the culture along the way.